12 Life Lessons from Jane Austen

Thought you all might enjoy this article from the Huffington Post. Best part is that it’s written by a gentleman. I love it when guys can appreciate items out of their normal realm. http://tinyurl.com/3uutcku

My favorites:
Slide #6: Forget Botox. Staying young means continuing to be open to the possibility that life can take you by surprise. Curiosity is the true source of joy. If you think you’ve already seen it all, you have.

Slide #11: Lust at first sight, a whole train of fantasies and projections at first sight–sure. But to love someone, you have to get to know their character, not just their body, and that takes time. True love sneaks up on you. You never see it coming until it’s already there.

Jane Austen


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