May RWA Chapter Contest Deadlines

There’s still some time to get in on these contests if your entry is already polished and ready to go. Writing contests are a great way to get some feedback on your WIP.

The KEY:

EA = Electronic Format Available
EA/Non US = Electronic for Foreign Entries
EO = Electronic Only
MO = Members Only
U = Unpublished
P = Published 
P/3 = Not published in three years
Pnr = Published, but not by RWA standards
PC = Not published in category selected


The Lories Best Published (P)
From the Heart
Postmarked by May 9, 2011 (extended)
Copyright of 2010
The Molly Contest (EO)
Heart of Denver Romance Writers
Received by May 15, 2011
First thirty pages (max) + five page (max) synopsis
Ignite the Flame
Central Ohio Fiction Writers
Postmarked by May 16, 2011 or Emailed by same date.
Entries should be 15 pages MAX, with an optional one-page, un-judged, set-up. (No synopsis) Entries should be the first meet or first reunion meeting of your hero and heroine.
Weta Nichols Writing Contest (U – EO)
Ozark Romance Authors
Received by May 16, 2011
First ten pages.
Emerald City Opener
Greater Seattle RWA
Received by Midnight – May 31, 2011
First seven pages.
Blog Side Note, I’ve submitted to this contest. They have GREAT feedback and it allows you to focus on really grabbing the attention of the reader.)

This information was gathered and pulled from an article written by Donna Caubarreaux. Donna Caubarreaux is a member of Coeur de Louisiane, Scriptscene Chapter, NOLA Stars, Heart of Louisiana, and Kiss of Death. She received a RWA Service Award in 1997.


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