About Me

That's me! Kind of.... :)

That’s me! Kind of…. 🙂

Hello Readers and Writers,

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been a reader and writer for several years, but have always had a full-time day job (plus children) so it’s always been difficult for me to write, except in my limited free time. Unfortunately, I find myself between jobs right now, but instead of letting that get me down, I am splitting my time between job hunting AND my love of writing.

For those who have visited before, I have written and completed 2 historical romances. One in the late Regency era and one in Victorian England.

Of late, my focus has switched to Young Adult or rather New Adult fiction, as that genre is emerging. New Adult fiction features characters that are over 18 years of age – so they are by most laws “adults.” The key thing to note is that these characters are “new” to the whole grown-up idea and the themes revolve around slightly different concepts with a bit more experience than perhaps some of our YA characters might have.

So my posts will revolve around the combined genre of YA/NA and the books that I have had the privilege of reading in those lines.

I warmly embrace feedback, comments, and questions.


Suzy Kue


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