My Top Ten Heroines

I love learning about new heroines. I only knew 3 of the ones mentioned, so I will definitely be checking these new ones out.

The Scrawler

So, I spent the morning writing up my first China recap…including photos and videos…AND I LOST THE WHOLE THING. I’m having a bit of a tantrum about it, so I’ve decided to recycle something old that I never posted directly to this blog. My top ten heroines were originally featured in my book tour over at Breezy Reads.

But I want them here too. Because I think this list says a lot about the sort of heroines that I like to read and write. Do you share any favourites? Let me know and we can FANGIRL.


Alanna – (Tortall Series)

Alanna was my first heroine.

Well, technically she might not have been…but she is the first name that comes to mind when I cast my mind back. I was a tom boy when I was a kid, and I was a tom boy that liked to READ BOOKS that were typically…

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2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Heroines

  1. I’m curious…which three did you already know?

    I’m DESPERATE for somebody to read the Empire books, so I can fangirl over Mara (and all the other awesome characters) with somebody. So if you feel like reading those ever LET ME KNOW. I would be all for stalking you across all social media to see your emotions!

    • I know Hermione (of course!), Cinder and just getting introduced to Scarlet. I haven’t found the Empire Books yet, but I will put them on my To Read List! I’m sure I’d fan girl with you. 🙂

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