Great Victorian Era Map I Found…

Hi Folks,

While out researching where my heroine was going to live in London, I came across this Poverty Map that showed a few streets on the East End of town. My heroine isn’t going to live in this area, but I thought the map was marvelously interesting to see the areas of blue and black and the comparable red. Couldn’t find yellow or pink easily… or what I see as white might have meant to be yellow. Who knows.

Poverty map of Old Nichol slum, East End of London, showing Bethnal Green Road, from Charles Booth’s Labour and Life of the People. Volume 1: East London (London: Macmillan, 1889). The streets are colored to represent the economic class of the residents: Yellow (“Upper-middle and Upper classes, Wealthy”), red (“Lower middle class – Well-to-do middle class”), pink (“Fairly comfortable good ordinary earnings”), blue (“Intermittent or casual earnings”), and black (“lowest class…occasional labourers, street sellers, loafers, criminals and semi-criminals”)